Seafood, Vegetables & Fruits
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For the love of Fish

The Pescatarian is the second restaurant of Johan Burich–Holck, who is behind the popular Bib Gourmand restaurant Marv & Ben. In addition to high gastronomic standards he emphasizes health and the environment as core principles.

The dishes will be presented as tasting size dishes with seafood, fruit and vegetables, focusing on sustainability and organic produce. Guests can look forward to an excellent dining experience with world class service. In addition, seafood is a healthy alternative to red meat, says Johan Burich-Holck.

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The philosophy of Marv & Ben lives on

As a restaurant manager, co-owner Mikkel Hjort Nielsen will provide an unforgettable service. The Head Chef and co-owner Jesper Steffen, who previously juggled kitchen utensils at Studio, Kokkedal castle and Almanak.  Until the end of 2018, Jesper served as creative Head Chef at Marv & Ben with current head chef Martin Olsen, but is looking forward to embarking on a new meat free concept.

The new concept still applies the showcasing of the best raw ingredients in season. Therefore, the way of Marv & Ben’s Philosophy lives on, even though meat is not served, he says.



The wine list will focus on acid driven, mineral and balanced white wines. We are going to play with Champagne, German and Austrian white wines. Burgundy and Jura will have a big place on the map just like in Marv & Ben.

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The Concept

Just like Marv & Ben, The Pescatarian is characterized by a high quality dining experience, at reasonable prices.

For guests not in the mood for a big dinner, you can instead enjoy a snack menu and a glass of Champagne in the Oyster Bar.

The menu will change according to the seasons, and emphasis will be placed on sustainability.  Only fish and shellfish which are caught close to land are served and as Danish waters offer such a rich supply of delicious seafood, there will be something for everyone.